A split DP-analysis of Croatian noun phrases Cover Image

A split DP-analysis of Croatian noun phrases
A split DP-analysis of Croatian noun phrases

Author(s): Željka Caruso
Subject(s): Theoretical Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax, South Slavic Languages
Published by: Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera, Osijek
Keywords: syntactic structure of noun phrases; Croatian noun phrase; nominal left periphery; split DP Analysis; (in)definiteness and specificity;

Summary/Abstract: This paper investigates the syntactic structure of nominal expressions in Croatian and proposes their analysis in terms of a split DP. Within the split DP-approach, the nominal left periphery contains functional projections DefP, FocP, TopP and DP. I will show that these functional categories host different lexical items (e.g. determiners, demonstratives, possessives, etc.) that contribute to the (in)definiteness and specificity of the Croatian noun phrase. A reanalysis of the nominal left periphery in terms of a split DP allows for the explanation of DP-internal word order variations, along with some other syntactic phenomena.

  • Issue Year: 17/2016
  • Issue No: 1-2
  • Page Range: 23-45
  • Page Count: 23
  • Language: English