Laugh or Die? Tertium Non Datur? Cover Image
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Śmiać się czy umierać. Tertium non datum?
Laugh or Die? Tertium Non Datur?

Author(s): Aleksandra Łojek
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Sociology, Theology and Religion
Published by: Stowarzyszenie Czasu Kultury
Keywords: sense of humour; satire; islam; charlie hebdo; radicalism

Summary/Abstract: After the attack on the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, the world began asking questions about the limits of satire and freedom of expression, pointing to Islam as a symbol of imposed intellectual constraints. It turns out that views on this issue and on Islam are not at all uniform. They result from an iconoclastic heritage observed by some Muslims. A sense of humour is also a fluid and culturally sensitive feature – Muslims are able to laugh at themselves, but radicalism (not only Islamic) has always had a problem with self-deprecation. The author explains what iconoclasm in Islam, how the Muslim world of art is constructed, and why it is dangerous to generalize.

  • Issue Year: XXXI/2015
  • Issue No: 01
  • Page Range: 4-9
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Polish