Contribution of Vasily Yakovlevich Tatsiy in the research of the object of crime Cover Image

Щодо внеску Василя Яковича Тація у дослідження об’єкта злочину
Contribution of Vasily Yakovlevich Tatsiy in the research of the object of crime

Author(s): O. Knizhenko, G. Krajnik
Subject(s): Criminal Law
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: object of the crime; public relations; the subject of the crime; the subject of criminal influence

Summary/Abstract: Problem setting. At the moment, in Ukraine there are several differentdefinitions of the object of crime.Many researchers studied looks of V.Y. Tatsiy at the subject of the crime, butfor the first time systematically analyzed not only scientific views of V.Y. Tatsiy forresearch the object of crime, and the impact of these attitudes on science of criminallaw in Ukraine.Recent research and publications analysis. Recent study, we note theindividual and collective scientific works of V. Y. Tatsіy from 1969 to 2014,scientific works of V. K. Glistin, B. S. Nikiforov, V. I. Borisov etc.Paper objective. Proper use of the term «object of crime» is important toqualification of crimes stipulated in the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the appointmentof a proper punishment. Also, do not forget that the accuracy depends on theterminology as law enforcement, and further theoretical studies.Paper main body. In this article the authors analyzed the concept,characteristics of object of the crime in the scientific works of V. Y. Tatsіy – wellknown Ukrainian scientist.Conclusions of the research. V. Y. Tatsіy made a significant contribution tothe criminal law of Sciences of Ukraine, developed a concept of the object of thecrime, improved types of objects crime, investigated the structure of social relations.He continues to explore a number of important criminal issues, on the grounds ofcriminal responsibility of the crime, the object and the subject of the perpetrator,ordering crimes, criminal responsibility for crimes against national security ofUkraine, crimes against persons, crimes of business activities, crimes against theenvironment, etc, Vasily Yakovlevich Tatsіy continues to be the undisputed leader ofthe Kharkov criminal law school.

  • Issue Year: 2/2015
  • Issue No: 08
  • Page Range: 20-20
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Ukrainian