Professional crime as a manifestation of a criminal corporatism Cover Image

Професійна злочинність як прояв злочинного корпоративізму
Professional crime as a manifestation of a criminal corporatism

Author(s): V. Pyvovarov
Subject(s): Criminal Law
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: corporate crime; professional crime and organized crime

Summary/Abstract: In the writings of scholars of professional crime problem, itsnature, the nature of the content viewed from different perspectives. Realy, it isproposed to consider it a separate type of crimes, or part of recidivism or organizedcrime, or even a kind of crime of political elites. Thus the phenomenon ofprofessional criminologists crime needs attention and a thorough investigation.Question describe professional criminal behavior such persons in criminology wasquite problematic.Recent researches and publications analysis. Challenges professional crimeinvestigation at different times and in different aspects such engaged in foreign anddomestic scientists as Enrico Ferri, Gabriel de Tarde, A.I. Gurov, O.V. Shesler, A.F.Zelinsky, I.M. Danshin, G.F. Hohriakova and other scientists – criminologists,criminologists, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and others. The writings ofscholars of professional crime problem, its nature, the nature of the content viewedfrom different perspectives. Yes, it is proposed to consider it a separate species (kindof) crimes or part of recidivism or organized crime, or even a kind of crime ofpolitical elites. Thus the phenomenon of professional criminologists crime needsattention and a thorough investigation.Paper objective. The concept of a professional criminal, professional crime isoften interpreted arbitrarily. Meanwhile, the problem of stable, long-term, skilfulcriminal behavior has ancient historical roots.Paper main body. It should be noted that indeed a professional criminalactivity is permanent and sustainable. Professional criminals for a long timerepeatedly commit crimes that initially provides them a habit that then turns back tonormal behavior. Therefore, you should agree with the scientists who examined thecriminal professionalism as a kind of conscious thought-out in every detail previouslyprepared social parasitism.Of particular importance for improving the criminal qualification hascommunication and interaction, during which the transfer takes place and criminalexperience. Where necessary, organized workshops, such as the manufacture ofmaster keys, firearms, knives, shows silent penetration of a particular object, physicaltraining, learning unarmed combat, possession of knives, card and other methods.Conclusions of the research. The reason for this is enough, because thechanging socio-economic conditions of society leads to the fact that professionalcriminals are loners, and more are moving into the sphere of criminal business:committing crimes by ordering and guided, assisted and cover criminal gangs andcorrupt representatives of power structures, controlled and punished them. Notnecessarily every practical manifestation of criminal professionalism have all thehallmarks of a criminal organization. Therefore, we believe that the phenomenon ofprofessional crime should be viewed through the prism of contemporarycriminological notion of "corporate crime", which successfully integrates sustainableabove listed this phenomenon. Professional crime believe structural element ofcorporate crime, promising practical understanding and learning, and mostimportantly - a theoretical understanding of the phenomenon of criminal corporatism.

  • Issue Year: 1/2015
  • Issue No: 07
  • Page Range: 24-24
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Ukrainian