“Transfer” and “Ethnic Celansing”: Israel and the War in the Balkans Cover Image

“Preseljenje” i “etničko čišćenje” : Izrael i rat na Balkanu
“Transfer” and “Ethnic Celansing”: Israel and the War in the Balkans

Author(s): Igor Primoratz
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Fakultet političkih znanosti u Zagrebu

Summary/Abstract: All Israeli governments since the beginning of the break-up of Yugoslavia have adopted a consistently pro-Serbian stand. Israeli public opinion has failed to respond to Serbian atrocities in a way comparable to the response in many other countries. The author argues that an important part of the explanation of this remarkable state of affairs, which puts Israel at odds with most of the western world and the Jewish diaspora, is to be found in Israel’s history. Israel was set up at the price of turning the larger part of native Palestinian population into expellees or refugees. Its continued existence as an ethnic, Jewish state is predicated on not admitting the exiled Palestinians back. Collective repression and denial of these facts help explain the unwillingness or inability of Israeli society and its political establishment to condemn the Serbs’ war of expansion and “ethnic cleansing”. (An English version of the paper is to be published in Mediterranean Politics).

  • Issue Year: XXXVII/2000
  • Issue No: 02
  • Page Range: 12-23
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Croatian