Charm periapt, amulets, and holy relics in the Ethnological department of the State museum of Sarajevo Cover Image

Zapisi, hamajlije i moći od pomoći Odjeljenja za etnologiju Zemaljskog muzeja u Sarajevu
Charm periapt, amulets, and holy relics in the Ethnological department of the State museum of Sarajevo

Author(s): Radmila Fabijanić
Subject(s): History
Published by: Zemaljski muzej Bosne i Hercegovine

Summary/Abstract: Proceeding from a definition of charm periapt as to its function, that they are written canon and apocryphal prayers (or some of their parts only) which are designed to protect an individual, a family or a village from all kind of evil or misfortune in general, the author formed (founded?) a collection of charm periapt in the Ethnological Department. This collection consists of group of objects mutually linked, at first place, by its function: prophylaxis and therapeutic. Examining the data about the use and a manner of wearing of charm periapt in this part of the country, the author comes to a conclusion that this practice dates back to late Middle Ages (first information about the wearing of charm periapt in this country came down from the 14th century), while arrival of Somalis in these parts of the country gave the practice a new impulse, intensified it and continued it to the 20th century. The author further examines a manner of composing charm periapt, their contents and fashion of wearing, and draws a conclusion that all charm periapt treated in collection, have, in principle, the same function and contents, and that certain distinctions concerning members of different religions are only in a manner of composition and fashion of wearing of charm periapt In other words, charm periapt folded in a triangular manner are worn mainly by Muslims and members of the Orthodox Church; folding them in a roll (scroll) is uncommon practice with the Orthodox and Muslims; while folding them in a rectangular manner is the most common way of wearing them by the Catholics. Dependant on whose protection are charm periapt made for, the author classifies them into three groups: personal (individual), family (domestic), and general (collective) charm periapt. Is this classification to be accepted, and which of the alternative and proposed terms are to survive, the author leaves it to an expert opinion and time. Charm periapts in the catalog section of the work the author divides according to the proposed classification. The supplement of the work is accompanied with 25 photographs.

  • Issue Year: 1991
  • Issue No: 46
  • Page Range: 37-88
  • Page Count: 52
  • Language: Bosnian