Two Points of View About The National Folkloric Festivals Organised In Albania Cover Image
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Dy Këndvështrime Për Festivalet Folklorike Kombëtare Të Zhvilluara Në Shqipëri
Two Points of View About The National Folkloric Festivals Organised In Albania

Author(s): Agron Xhagolli
Subject(s): Cultural history
Published by: Qendra e Studimeve Albanologjike
Keywords: Folkloric Festivals ; Albania; Post Second World War

Summary/Abstract: The tradition of the organization of the national folkloric festivals begins in Albania after the Second World War.They, along with the other folkloric festivals, in different levels, are seen as one of the ways to preserve and forward the Albanian folkloric cretivity from generation into generation. Starting from such requests, the scientific platforms for the national folkloric festivals have always pointed iut the preservation and observance of the folkloric authenticity. But not always these criteria were observed, not only for true scientific reasons. Influences and orders of a political character have caused the appearance of even not authentic creation’s, mainly of the poetic texts. But, in general, these interventions in the folkloric creativeness have not been contested by the scholars, though always it was pointed out the request for folkloric authenticity. The same request, for the preservation of the folkloric authenticity, has been present in the scientific platforms compiled in these festivals, in front of the organisers of the folkloric festivals on different levels. Moreover, even the estimating juries have given their decisions on the basis of the preservation or not of the folkloric authenticity. Also for the National Folkloric Festival, which took place in Gjirokastër in 2004, were followed, observed, in all the phaese, the requests of the scientific platforms compiled compiled and approved in the Scientific Council of the Institute of Folk Culture. The groups of work, the selecting commissions which were sent to every district (because on this administrative basis it was seen more possible to have engagements from the local power) had as main request to avoid all those creations which were not authentic. Already it is surpassed the period of the dictation of the selection of the folkloric creations from motifs of a political nature, but it is present a desire or run from many heads of the folkloric groups towards new texts. In many cases it was impossible to discard such creations, because such were in general, and the district couldn’t be discarded at all. Even the jury of the festival, its estimations realized precisely on this fundamental criterion of the platform. From the until today traditionalistic point of view of the conceiving of the folklore on the scene it realized the giving of the achievements and scarcities which weer observed. In a second point of view i dwell on the need to understand differently, of the real differences between the concept folklore in the folkloric circulation and the folklore on the scene. Starting from the good desire that, even the Albanian science of folklore to be included in the contemporary conceptions of these two concepts, i suport the second point of view, the relations folklore—folklorism in the National Folkloric Festival in Gjirokastër. On the basis of such a conception should be compiled the platforms and be realized the folkloric festivals in the future.

  • Issue Year: 2005
  • Issue No: 01-02
  • Page Range: 026-043
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Albanian