Author(s): G. I. Pireeva
Subject(s): Sociolinguistics, Culture and social structure , Sociology of Culture
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: marginal; this is what is on the border acceptable and unacceptable;

Summary/Abstract: In times of radical transformation occurs aggravation of problems in the cultural sphere. It detects the absence of a common language. The crisis of the social structure is expressed in the decrease of cultural values trims not only in everyday life but also in literature, theater and other areas of cultural life. Information is easily converted into a self-centered experience serving misinformation and does not correlate with universal meanings. Language serves culture, rather than determining it. Etnomarginalny considered to be a person located on the conditional boundary between two or more ethnic groups, none of which it does not recognize fully their own. Accordingly, a group or layer etnomarginalny are people whose socialization took place in the framework of two cultures, two value systems, two behavior patterns – in short, everyone who is a carrier of different values and cultural patterns of conduct. Marginalized groups, as well as marginal individuals, being on the border of two linguistic cultures, is identification with each of them and at the same time asserts its own system of norms and values. For this group, with its uncertain status and unstable situation is characterized by external and internal contradictions and, as a consequence, the potential polyvector actions. These groups are characterized by excess and the average level for extreme parameters: negative, like suicidal tendencies, and positive, such as high creativity. Feature attitude etnomarginalny personality is that she, being simultaneously in two language cultural and value systems, is experiencing psychological dichotomy. In practice, this manifests itself in the use of people double behaviors, adherence to the different, sometimes incompatible traditions that at the level of subjective perception leads to the lability and instability of worldview and orientations. Being in such a situation, a person wishes to overcome the psychological and emotional state of duality; it is characterized by the pursuit of a certain ideal of a society that is often associated with an active stance on social and political issues (so the ethno-marginalized often play an important role in international conflicts).