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Bea Klotz
German, born 1966 in Budapest, Hungary

Bachelor of economics
Professional experiences:
8 years as marketing and key account manager of a leading international ERP vendor (1990-1999) 2 years as business development director direct and indirect channel Central- and Eastern- Europe of a leading CRM solution provider (2000-2001)


Cosmina Berta
Romanian, born 1968 in Timisoara

Bachelor of economics, MBA at the Open University Business School, London.
Professional experiences:
Founding member and member of the Board (1992-1994) of the International House Foundation Timisoara (a Soros Foundation for an Open Society Romania program) and Office Manager at International House Timisoara (1993-1999).


Magdalena Zmysłowska-Tschörtner
Polish, born 1980 in Warszawa

Graduated at the Warsaw University, M.A. in German Philology, M.A. in Dutch Philology. Studied in Warsaw, Brussles, Leiden and Budapest. Co-editor of the publication “Świadkowie. Zeitzeugen”, Warsaw 2003.


Wolfgang Klotz
German, born 1954 in Mömlingen

Bachelor of Theology and Philosophy
Professional experiences:
3 years as financial manager of a German publishing house
8 years director of the Centre for East/West European Studies and Cultural Exchange “Palais Jalta” in Frankfurt/Main
since 1998 founder and managing director of Questa.Soft GmbH


Aurelian Urzica
Romanian, born 1970 in Timisoara

Bachelor of medicine
Professional experiences:
founder and managing director of A&H – IT-consulting company
in Timisoara, Romania (1994-1997)
since 1998 founder and managing director of Questa.Soft GmbH.
He is project manager for Questa.Soft in various IT projects at the Dresdner Bank AG and Commerzbank AG, technical designer and developer of e-business platforms. Aurelian is the database designer and developer of C.E.E.O.L.


Alexander Neroslavsky
Russian, born 1955 in Moscow

Bachelor of Art Education Science,
Lenin Pedagogical University of Moscow (1981)
Multimedia Producent of DTP Academy,
Neu Isenburg, Germany (1998)
Professional experience:
Since 1998 he is responsible for Graphic and Web-Design including the web design and maintenance of our C.E.E.O.L. Library




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