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Polish Sociological Review

Publisher: Polskie Towarzystwo Socjologiczne

  Subject: Sociology / Social Sciences
  Frequency: Quarterly
  ISSN: 1231-1413
  Status: active
  Address: Nowy Swiat 72
Warszawa (03 330), Poland
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Issue No. 3(191)/2015  
Details: Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, International Experience and Labour Market Success: Analysing Panel Data from Poland; Anna Baczko-Dombi, Ilona Wysmułek, Determinants of Success in Public Opinion in Poland: Factors, Directions and Dynamics of Change; Jonathan Kelley, National Context, Parental Socialization, and Religious Belief in 38 Nations as of 2008. The End of National Exceptionalism?; Józef Baniak, The Social Role of the Priest as Perceived by Polish Youth. A Sociological Analysis; Toma Burean, The Political Representation of Salient Issues; Anna Śliz, Marek S. Szczepański, A Genealogy of Sociological Theories—An Attempt at General Reflection; Agnieszka Kolasa-Nowak, Critical Sociology in Poland and its Public Function; Szymon Wróbel, Logos, Ethos, Pathos. Classical Rhetoric Revisited.
Issue No. 2(190)/2015  
Details: Zenonas Norkus, Two Periods of the Peripheric Capitalist Development: Pre-Communist and Post-Communist Eastern Europe in Comparison; Michał Wenzel, Media Effects on Support for European Integration in Old and New EU Member States; Mariusz Dzięglewski, Polish Graduates: Migration and Its Media Representations; Marek Kucia, Auschwitz in the Perception of Contemporary Poles; Ireneusz krzemiński, Have Only Jews Suffered? Holocaust Remembrance and Polish National Resentment; Paweł Swianiewicz, Karolina Chełstowska, Neighbourhood Council as a Path of Political Career Development in Poland; Tjasa Bartolj, Renate Slabe-Erker, Differences in Leisure Time Physical Activity Predictors in Europe
Issue No. 1(189)/2015  
Details: Mikołaj Pawlak, From Sociological Vacuum to Horror Vacui. How Stefan Nowak's Thesis is Used in Analyses of Polish Society; Pal Koudela, Jinil Yoo, Information and Fears around decision Making - International Migration from Hungary; Margarita Gedvilaite-Kordusiene, Does Adult Children Migration Lower the Level of Intergenerational Solidarity? Evidence From Lithuanian Transnational Families; Marcin Gońda, Biographical Pathways of Roots Migration: the Case of Students of Polish Ancestry from the Post-Soviet Area; Michał Wróblewski, The DSM as a Moving Laboratory: The Role of the Diagnostic Manual in the Stabilizing and Objectivization of Pharmaceutical Reason; Jan Domaradzki, Lay Constructions of Genetic Risk. A Case Study of the Polish Society of Hungtington's Disease