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Issue no.16 /2011


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Table of contents    
Out of sight, not always out of might. Bilateral relations between distant small countries; methodological observations    
“An Excellent Friend Afflicted with Internal Difficulties”: The Image of Romania Conveyed by the Finnish Embassy in Bucharest, 1939-1945    
Re-imagining far-flung yet connected places: Australia and Chile in the Pacific Region (1990-2010)    
Translated Title: Re-imagining far-flung yet connected places: Australia and Chile in the Pacific Region (1990-2010)
Publication: Valahian Journal of Historical Studies (16/2011)
Author Name: Strodthoff, Irene;
Language: English
Subject: History
Issue: 16/2011
Page Range: 35-52
No. of Pages: 18
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Summary: As former far-flung European colonies, Chile and Australia have developed most of their socio-historical path in asymmetrical relationship to the Northern Hemisphere. Nevertheless, the advent of globalisation and the Pacific Region as a new site for strategic alliances with the end of the Cold War has decentred this prevailing asymmetry and given visibility to new settings of representation as well as the construction of meanings and identities.
By examining a selection of Australian and Chilean presidential and ministerial discourses between 1990 and 2010, this paper aims to shed light on how Chile and Australia have constructed their relationship in the context of the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2008, and the role of the Pacific Ocean in the geographical imaginations of both countries. This paper argues that the contours of globalisation and the constructed trajectories of Chile and Australia around the Pacific Ocean as a space where capital and people freely flow gave rise to the re-imagination of these two relatively distant countries as connected places.
Keywords: Chile; Australia; Globalisation; Pacific Ocean; Space; Place; Identity
National Interest and Foreign Policy: The Dynamics of Nigerian-British Relations, 1960-1999    
Romania’s policy in the Middle East (1950-1970). Challenges and opportunities    
Romania and the first cracks in the implementation of the Hitler-Stalin pact of 1940: Germany’s guarantees granted to Romania at the Vienna Award and    
The Coming Storm: the Great Powers and the Clash over the Balkans and the Black Sea (1944-1946)    
Allied Discords: Some Considerations Regarding the Overthrow of the Rădescu Government    
Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen and the Romanian-German Relations in 1928    
Romanian-Serbian dynastic relationships during the second half of the 19th century    
The Modern British Constitution: Reformed or Undermined?    
De l’internationalisation du futurisme russe. Igor Sévérianine    
M. Mark Stolarik, ed., The Prague Spring and the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968: forty years later