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Issue no.31 /2007


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Contents / Spis treści    
Introduction: Territorialism and Identity. The Slavonic and Non-Slavonic Balkans    
Territory as cultural and political values    
Has the second Rzecz Pospolita expanded to the borders of the first RP in the contemporary Ukraine?    
Philhellenism and European identity    
National metonymies    
Cultures near and far    
Construction de l’identité collective et mémoire – trois exemples Européens    
Rootedness in place, rootedness in memory as exemplified by Polish-Jewish identity    
Hermeneutics of the ethnic identity and the territorialism    
Borderlands and identity. Reflections on Antonina Kłoskowska's model of identificiations    
Linguistic determinants of territorial identity    
The hierarchy of territorial units in the multi-identificational community of Cieszyn Silesia    
Old and new questions concerning Belarusian "local" identity    
Slavia Balcanica, Slavia Meridionalia, Slavia Macedonica. Three aspects of a time-space continuum, or an attempt at a typology of spaces    
Identity of the Macedonians: The case of the Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia according to British sources    
Great Macedonia as a "mental map" in the 20th and 21st century    
Nijazija Limanoski and the disputes on the national identity of macedonian-speaking Muslims    
The consciousness of the Slavonic Orthodox population in Pirin Macedonia and the identity of the population of Moravia and Moravian Slovakia    
Translated Title: The consciousness of the Slavonic Orthodox population in Pirin Macedonia and the identity of the population of Moravia and Moravian Slovakia
Publication: Nationalities Affairs (31/2007)
Author Name: Rychlík, Jan;
Language: English
Subject: Culture and Society
Issue: 31/2007
Page Range: 183-197
No. of Pages: 15
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Keywords: Consciousness; Slavonic Orthodox population; Pirin Macedonia; identity; Moravia; Moravian Slovakia
Language and territory as core values in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian tradition    
Gorani – "local" people    
The boundaries of the Bulgarian. Gazes from inside and outside Zachary Stoyanov and Constantine Jireček    
The neighbourhood in the system of coexistence of Muslim'-Christian local communities in Rhodopes, Bulgaria    
The development of identities among the population of Gypsy origin in Kosovo: Ashkali, Egyptians and Roma    
The territory of the former Yugoslavia in the "mental maps" of former Yugoslavs: Nostalgia for space    
The issue of Epirus in political writings of Mid'hat bey Frashëri    
Consumingnational territory. Identity, territory and popular culture    
"To come to the world, to come to the language": Cultural stigmatization as exemplified in Macedonian liiterature    
The specificity of the Bosnia and Herzegovina borderland and the issue of Bosnian identity    
Identity beyond territory? Ethnic minorities in virtual space    
The awareness of ethnic affiliation among inhabitants of the former military frontier between the 16th and 20th centuries. A historical outline    
Territorialism in a variety of ways: Identity choices among young Russian-speaking inhabitants of Lviv    
Who needs territorial identity? Reflections on the struggle of identities