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Issue no.46 /2005


Ośrodek KARTA

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Niezależna Samorządna    
Balony na froncie / Aeronautyka II RP    
Precz z orłem!    
Translated Title: Off with th eagle!
Publication: Karta (46/2005)
Author Name: Opaska, Janusz;
Language: Polish
Subject: History
Issue: 46/2005
Page Range: 82-89
No. of Pages: 8
File size: 941 KB
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1.2 Euro (€)
Summary: On the efficacy of the posters as a medium of war propaganda and the attempts of the Red Army to win the inhabitants of the Bialystok region for the Soviet army in 1920. With colour posters.
Keywords: Lew Trocki; Feliks Kon; "Polish Red Army"; Polish-Bolshevik War
Plan: wykarczować    
Lato 1943    
Święto zmarłych w Rechcie    
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