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Issue no.1 - Spring /2004



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What’s New on the Bloc    
The Problem with Václav Klaus    
The political philosophy of President Klaus    
Memories of intense isolation    
Normalization at the family table    
Secret services in murky times    
The creator of apathy    
Standing firm    
The end does not justify the means – Interview with Scott Ritter    
Bomb them with culture!    
Pining for the good old days in East Germany    
A dog without a master    
The threat of nuclear terrorism in Europe    
We need to build a new world order    
Update on Russia – Nothing but trouble    
Is Israel public enemy number one?    
Palestine: a problem once again – A Přítomnost column from 31 May 1939    
Letter from Bucharest    
Translated Title: Letter from Bucharest
Publication: The New Presence (1 - Spring/2004)
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Language: English
Subject: Essay
Issue: 1 - Spring/2004
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Summary: While Ferguson analyzes the possible risk of the “dogs of war” being unleashed in Europe, Charles Bergen reports on canines of a more mundane variety in his Letter from Bucharest.
Parting Thoughts: Into the future