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Issue no.4 - Autumn /2009



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Editor's Notes    
North Korea: The Domain of the Juche Doctrine    
Review: Czech and Global Events from the Fourth Quarter    
World Press Review: The Star, Newsweek    
Socialism. Socialism? Socialism?!?    
At the Crossroads: the German Left    
Talking Ghosts and Ideas    
Red Sky in Latin America – A Threat or Necessity?    
Democracy Devolved    
The Last Dinosaur    
Financing Czech Science    
Christian Democracy in the Czech Lands    
Translated Title: Christian Democracy in the Czech Lands
Publication: The New Presence (4 - Autumn/2009)
Author Name: Vedrashko, Alexandra; Miller, William;
Language: English
Subject: Politics / Policy Studies
Issue: 4 - Autumn/2009
Page Range: 37-39
No. of Pages: 3
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Summary: During the past twenty years in which political parties have enjoyed freedom in the Czech Republic, the Christian Democratic Party (KDU-ČSL) has struggled to gain significant influence while Christian parties have flourished in neighbouring countries. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Germany remained dominant in the coalition government after its September elections. The Austrian People’s Party, ÖVP, has maintained support of the vast majority in Austria, and Poland’s Law and Justice is the second major political party in the country. In the upcoming Czech elections currently scheduled for June 2010, the KDU-ČSL is at serious risk of gaining too few votes to be included in parliament. Why has the Christian democratic movement faired so poorly in the Czech Republic compared to these neighbours?
Where National Soveriegnty Lies    
Prescribing Reform    
Interview with Economist Edmund Phelps    
China’s Obsession with Growth    
The Economics of Global Warming    
Covert Defiance: An Interview with Former Dissident Jan Urban    
The Empire Strikes Back: Russia and the East-West    
Labeling Socialism    
Time for a New President