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Issue no.4 /2002



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Moral Realism: A Naturalistic Perspective    
Spatiotemporaland Spatial Particulars    
The Sanctity/Quality of Lifeand the Ethics of Respect for Persons    
Many Minds, No Persons    
Semantic Naturalismand Normativity    
Individualism and the NewLogical Connections Argument    
Translated Title: Individualism and the NewLogical Connections Argument
Publication: Croatian Journal of Philosophy (4/2002)
Author Name: Dardis, Anthony;
Language: English
Subject: Philosophy
Issue: 4/2002
Page Range: 83-103
No. of Pages: 21
File size: 77 KB
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Summary: Jerry Fodor argues for individualism and for narrow content by way ofrejecting an argument based on the conceptual connections between reason-properties and action-properties. In this paper I show that Fodor’s argumentfails. He is right that there is a New Logical Connections Argument to bemade, and that it does show that water thoughts and XYZ thoughts are notdifferent causal powers with respect to intentional properties of behaviors.However, the New Logical Connections Argument also shows that they arenot causal powers at all with respect to intentional properties of behaviors,and so Fodor’s argument to individualism and narrow content is unsound.Along the way I show that Fodor’s version of the New Logical Connectionsargument has serious problems of overkill.
Margaret Moore, The Ethics of Nationalism