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Issue no.8 /2003



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Are Language Conventions Philosophically Explanatory? (Or: “It’s Shirt-Buttoning All the Way Down, Ruth!”)    
The Epistemological Liar, The many ways in which it is not true that there is no truth    
Austin and the Very Idea of the Theory of Knowledge    
Does Twin Earth Rest on a Mistake?    
Translated Title: Does Twin Earth Rest on a Mistake?
Publication: Croatian Journal of Philosophy (8/2003)
Author Name: Farkas, Katalin;
Language: English
Subject: Philosophy
Issue: 8/2003
Page Range: 155-169
No. of Pages: 15
File size: 67 KB
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Summary: In this paper I argue against Twin-Earth externalism. The mistake that Twin Earth arguments rest on is the failure to appreciate the force of the following dilemma. Some features of things around us do matter for the purposes of conceptual classification, and others do not. The most plausible way to draw this distinction is to see whether a certain feature enters the cognitive perspective of the experiencing subject in relation to the kind in question or not. If it does, we can trace conceptual differences to internal differences. If it doesn’t, we do not have a case of conceptual difference. Neither case supports Twin Earth externalism.
On Ontology: a Dialogue between a Linguistic Philosopher, a Naturalist and a Phenomenologist    
Contextualistic Critiques of the Principle-Based Approach to Bioethics: The Case of Abortion    
Roberta Sala, Bioetica e pluralismo dei valori: Tolleranza, principi, ideali morali (Bioethics and pluralism of values: Toleration, principles, moral    
Boran Berčić, Filozofija Bečkog kruga (The Philosophy of the Vienna Circle)    
Carla Bagnoli, Il dilemma morale e i limiti della teoria etica (Moral Dilemma and the Limits of Ethical Theory)    
Raphael Cohen-Almagor, The Right to Die with Dignity: An Argument in Ethics, Medicine, and Law