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Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics

Issue no.1 /2010


Ústav dějin umění Akademie věd České republiky

  Address: Katedra estetiky, Celetná 20
Praha (116 42), Czech Republic
  Phone: + 420 221 619 619
  eMail: aesthetics@ff.cuni.cz

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Defending ‘the Artist’s Theory’: Wollheim’s Lost Idea Regained?    
More Than a Story: The Two-dimensional Aesthetics of the Forest    
On the Body of Literary Persuasion    
Aesthetic and Artistic Evaluation, Parts 2 & 3    
New Publications (Aesthetics in Central Europe)    
Announcing a Student Competition (Aesthetics in Central Europe)    
Noël Carroll: On Criticism (review)    
Peter Goldie and Elisabeth Schellekens: Who’s Afraid of Conceptual Art? (review)