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Forum Bosnae

Issue no.15 /2002


Međunarodni forum Bosna

  Address: Sime Milutinovića 10
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Phone: +387 33 217-665
  Fax: +387 33 206-484
  eMail: if_bosna@bih.net.ba

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Content "Forum Bosnae" 15/2002    
Editor's Preface    
Violence Is Founded On Idolatry    
Islam, Modernity And Humanism    
The Pluriform South Slav Identity - Controversy And Destruction    
Paradigms And U.S. Policymaking For Bosnia (1992-1995)    
Two Books About Bosnia    
Trust And The Problem Of Civil Society    
Civic Elements Of Compromise And The Crippling Of Dayton    
The Bosnian Serbs Present Situation And Future Prospects    
Bosnia And Herzegovina - From Reconstruction Towards Sustainable Development    
The Identity Of Language And The Identity    
Geopolitical Illusions And Geographic Reality In The Bosnian Paradigm    
Bosnia And Herzegovina - The Population Boat    
The Weight Of False History    
Translated Title: The Weight Of False History
Publication: Forum Bosnae (15/2002)
Author Name: Banac, Ivo;
Language: English
Subject: History
Issue: 15/2002
Page Range: 201-206
No. of Pages: 7
File size: 607 KB
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Summary: Bosnia: A Bit of Non-Teleological History, Misuse of the Past,
Keywords: Bosnia - history; geography; Slavic land
Medieval Bosnia And Central European Culture: Interweaving And Acculturation    
Words Like Wells Of Colour: Traditional Wisdom Reflected By The Sonnets Of Skender Kulenović    
Stone And Poppy: Mak Dizdar's Kameni Spavač / Stone Sleeper    
The Voices Of Sarajevo's Night    
Notes on Authors