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Issue no.2 - Spring /2009



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Editor's Notes    
Prague Writers' Festival    
News Round-Up    
World Press    
Euroskepticism’s New Face? The Party of Free Citizens    
A Look Beyond Labels for Equal Education    
Between Atheism and Catholicism    
Translated Title: Between Atheism and Catholicism
Publication: The New Presence (2 - Spring/2009)
Author Name: Vedrashko, Alexandra;
Language: English
Subject: Politics / Policy Studies
Issue: 2 - Spring/2009
Page Range: 15-16
No. of Pages: 2
File size: 86 KB
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Summary: Czech religious scepticism is a political problem. The country, however, bears great potential to overcome its religious crisis.
Immigration Policies in the European Union    
Shattered Dreams    
The Czech Foreign Police and Immigration    
Racism and Reform    
The Hopelessness of a Middle East Peace Process    
Islam, Christianity and the Struggle for Rationalism    
Targeting the World: Assessing the Lawfulness of the "Bush Doctrine"    
Missile Defence and Rising Global Tensions    
Fighting for Salvation: Mr. Obama Comes to Prague    
Big Things in Small Packages    
An Interview with Economist Bruce Caldwell    
Developing Countries in the Global Economic Slowdown    
The Paradox of Failed States    
Debunking the Myths of Climate Scepticism    
Global Warming is Not an Acute Problem    
Blowing It