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Issue no.02-03 /1999


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The Chances of Good Life    
In A State of Flux    
The Hungatian Political Elite in the Middle Ages    
Enchantment of Witchcraft?    
In the City    
Is There an East European Art?    
The Sign of a Story    
Translated Title: The Sign of a Story
Publication: Books - Budapest Review of Books - English Edition (02-03/1999)
Author Name: Schein, Gábor;
Language: English
Subject: Literature
Issue: 02-03/1999
Page Range: 89-99
No. of Pages: 10
File size: 109 KB
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1.5 Euro (€)
Summary: A critical review on Petra Török's (ed) 'A határ és a határolt. A magyar irodalom létformáiról [The Boundary and the Bounded Off: Meditations on the Miodes of Being of Hungarian Literature]".
Keywords: Hungarian literature; literary history-writing; literary theory
In the Swamp    
The Global Conspiracy    
The Chamber of Horrors    
Countdown for Frankfurt    
Intelligent Machines?    
Ármin Vámbéry in 2000    
The Moral Consequences of Rigorous Monotheism and Trinitarian Monotheism