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Review of Croatian History

Issue no.1 /2005


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Two Public Inscriptions from the Greek Colony of Tanais at the Mouth of the Don River on the Sea of Azov    
Die Grenzen des Koenigreichs Kroatien in den internationalen Staatsvertraegen vom Frieden von Zsitva-Torok 1606 bis zum Frieden von Sistowa 1791    
Croatian Political Turmoils In The Dusk Of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy    
Die politischen und diplomatischen Umstände der Versuche zur Absetzung des Erzbischofs von Vrhbosna, Josip Stadler aus Sarajevo (1900-1913)    
The Activities of Vice-Roy Pavao Rauch In Croatia    
Croatian Catholic Movement and the Creation Of The Yugoslav State (1912-1918)    
Italian Policies Toward Croatians In Occupied Territories During The Second World War    
Translated Title: Italian Policies Toward Croatians In Occupied Territories During The Second World War
Publication: Review of Croatian History (1/2005)
Author Name: Dizdar, Zdravko;
Language: English
Subject: History
Issue: 1/2005
Page Range: 179-210
No. of Pages: 32
File size: 437 KB
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Summary: The author is focused on the Italian mistreatment of Croatian population during the period of Italian military occupation of Croatian lands on the Eastern Adriatic. He also pointed out that Italian occupiers did not hesitate to commit war crimes in order to transform occupied territories into ethnic Italian territories.
Keywords: Italian military occupation in Croatia; WWII; ethnic Italian territories; Croatians
Volksdeutsche - Fatum der kollektiven Schuld    
Opposition In Croatia 1945-1950    
Croatian Totalitarian Communist Government's Press In The Preparation Of The Staged Trial Against The Archbishop Of Zagreb Alojzije Stepinac (1946)    
Josip Broz Tito's Visit To Great Britain In 1953    
Agression of The Yugoslav People's Army on the Republic of Croatia 1990-1992    
The Work of The Polling Commision in 1945