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Issue no.4 /2006


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Pojam »društvena mreža« u migraciji    
Osiguravaju li zatvorene i guste mreže očuvanje Narodnoga jezika? Primjer teluške zajednice u kuchingu, u Sarawaku    
Etničke karte: između stvarnosti i promidžbe    
Stigmatizacija Hrvata i Srba u prijeratnome, ratnom i poslijeratnom razdoblju    
Dejavniki dinamike kulturnega življenja priseljenske Skupnosti    
Znameniti Slovenci na Hrvaškem skozi zgodovino    
Translated Title: The Famous Slovenes In Croatia Throughout The History
Publication: Migration and Ethnic Themes (4/2006)
Author Name: Kržišnik-Bukić, Vera;
Language: Croatian
Subject: Sociology / Social Sciences
Issue: 4/2006
Page Range: 421-445
No. of Pages: 25
File size: 157 KB
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Summary: The Slovenes in Croatia have never been there a very numerous population. At the end of 19th century there were close to 30,000 of them. Their numbers increased somewhat between the two world wars over the entire Croatian territory (including a part which belonged to Italy at that time), while the number was the highest – around 50,000 – in the middle of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 21st century there are only about 14,000 individuals among all Croatian citizens who declare themselves as Slovenes. Particularly in the 20th century, between the two world wars, they experienced the Golden Age of their national flourishing, having been very well organized in Slovene cultural societies and other associations. Through several centuries they were priests, religious and laic writers and publicists in many Croatian regions.
Keywords: Slovenes in Croatia; history; census;
Etnos, konfesija, tolerancija