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Issue no.2 /2001



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Self and Sense in a Natural World    
On Rational Choice of Final Ends    
Emotions and Rationality    
Trust and Epistemic Cooperation    
Human Rights and Concept of Person:Some Ethical Remarks    
Common-Sense and Scientific Psychology    
Translated Title: Common-Sense and Scientific Psychology
Publication: Croatian Journal of Philosophy (2/2001)
Author Name: Nudds, Matthew;
Language: English
Subject: Philosophy
Issue: 2/2001
Page Range: 171-180
No. of Pages: 10
File size: 32 KB
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Summary: In this paper I discuss the circumstances in which it would be right to revise acommon-sense psychological categorisation—such as the common-sense categorisa-tion of emotions—in the light of the results of empirical investigation. I argue that ananswer to that question, familiar from eliminitivist arguments, should be rejected,and suggest that the issue turns on the ontological commitments of the explanationsthat common-sense psychological states enter into.
B. De Mori, Inventare il giusto e l’ingiusto: Saggio sull’etica diJohn Leslie Mackie    
Christopher New, Philosophy of Literature: An Introduction