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Issue no.32 /2011



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Precis of When Truth Gives Out    
Truth Pluralism, Truth Relativism and Truth-aptness    
Slurs & Thick Concepts- is the New Expressivism Tenable?    
When (True) Disagreement Gives Out    
Reply to Lynch, Miščević, and Stojanović    
Assessing Robinson’s “Revised Causal Argument” for Sense-Data    
The Argument from Marginal Cases: is Species a Relevant Difference    
Translated Title: The Argument from Marginal Cases: is Species a Relevant Difference
Publication: Croatian Journal of Philosophy (32/2011)
Author Name: Tanner, Julia;
Language: English
Subject: Philosophy
Issue: 32/2011
Page Range: 225-235
No. of Pages: 11
File size: 102 KB
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Summary: Marginal humans are not rational yet we still think they are morally considerable. This is inconsistent with denying animals moral status on the basis of their irrationality. Therefore, either marginal humans and animals are both morally considerable or neither are. In this paper I consider a major objection to this argument: that species is a relevant difference between humans animals.
Keywords: marginal humas; rationality; moral agency; speciesism
Parfit’s Chellenges    
Emanuela Ceva, Giustizia e conflitti di valori: Una proposta procedurale (Justice and Conflicts of Values: A Proceduralist Proposal)