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Issue no.11 /2004



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Response–Intentionalism About Color: A Sketch    
The Knowledge Argument—Some Comments    
Crane on the Mind–Body Problem and Emergence    
Tim Crane on the Internalism–Externalism Debate    
Crane on Intentionality and Consciousness: A Few Questions    
Summary of Elements of Mind and Replies to Critics    
Translated Title: Summary of Elements of Mind and Replies to Critics
Publication: Croatian Journal of Philosophy (11/2004)
Author Name: Crane, Tim;
Language: English
Subject: Philosophy
Issue: 11/2004
Page Range: 223-240
No. of Pages: 18
File size: 65 KB
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Rationality and the Emotions    
On Wakker’s Critique of Allais–Preferences    
Some Epistemological Consequences of The Dual–Aspect Theory of Visual Perception    
The Contingent A Priori: Much Ado about Nothing    
T. Szabo Gendler and J. Hawthorne (eds.), Conceivability and Possibility    
Pierre Jacob and Marc Jannerod, Ways of Seeing: The Scope and Limits of Visual Cognition