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Issue no.3 (4) /2002


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Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Origins, Status, Program—and Vision    
Escape, Expulsion and Forced Displacement    
Translated Title: Escape, Expulsion and Forced Displacement
Publication: The Polish Foreign Affairs Digest (3 (4)/2002)
Author Name: Borodziej, Włodzimierz;
Language: English
Subject: Politics / Policy Studies
Issue: 3 (4)/2002
Page Range: 23-35
No. of Pages: 13
File size: 75 KB
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Anti-Terrorism and Hegemony    
Civilisational Myths    
Strangeness and Proximity of Islam    
To Cross the Border of the West    
A Europe of Nations—but What Kind of Nations? The Nation in the Debate on Poland’s Integration with the European Union    
National and Cultural Identity and the Economic Integration of Europe    
The Role of National Parliaments in the European Integration Process from the Perspective of Efforts Undertaken by the European Union...    
Relations between the Holy See and the Central and Eastern European States: Current Problems and Perspectives    
The “Strategic Partnership” between Poland and Ukraine    
National Identity versus Foreign Policy in the Republic of Moldova