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Narodna umjetnost - Hrvatski časopis za etnologiju i folkloristiku

Issue no.Vol. 38 No /2001


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Povezati mjesta, izdržati udaljenost: Iskustva i implikacije transmigrantskih putovanja    
Nova shvaćanja regije i kulture    
"Ženski završeci": O poetikama završavanja u "New Musicology"    
O problematici takozvane "istarske ljestvice"    
Tamburica — hrvatski izvozni proizvod na prijelazu 19. u 20. stoljeće    
Rana povijest plesa morris u Engleskoj: Primjer za istraživanje europskoga folklornog plesa    
Moreška i mattaccino u Italiji — oko 1450.-1630.    
Translated Title: The Moresca and Mattaccino in Italy — around 1450-1630
Publication: Folks Art - Croatian Journal Of Ethnology and Folklore Research (Vol. 38 No/2001)
Author Name: Sparti, Barbara;
Language: Croatian
Subject: Culture and Society
Issue: Vol. 38 No/2001
Page Range: 129-142
No. of Pages: 13
File size: 301 KB
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Summary: The author discusses the moresca as it was performed in cities and courts from Rome to Venice, illustrating its multiformity, unique in all Europe with examples. Written references to the moresca first appeared in Italy around the mid-fifteenth century, and after about a hundred years, the moresca started getting mentioned less and less. Moresca and mattaccino were closely related, as they were, and still are, in the Americas. By the early seventeenth century, references to both these dance types have all but disappeared, replaced by the theatrical intermedio and the staged abbattimento. Finally, there is a brief discussion of the mattaccino, for which less material has surfaced, but which resembles the moresca in several ways: in its various guises and elusiveness.
Keywords: history of dance; Moresca; Mattaccino; Italy
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