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Rhizai. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science

Issue no.1 /2004


Издателство "Изток-Запад"

  Address: 5 Nikolaj V. Gogol Street
Sofia (1124), Bulgaria
  Phone: ++ 359 2 944 73 80
  Fax: ++ 359 2 946 35 21
  eMail: rhizai@pu.acad.bg

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Aristotle’s Account of the Origins of Philosophy    
Isocrates, Plato, and Aristotle on Rhetoric    
Transformations of Plato’s Ethics: Platonist Interpretations of Plato's Ethics from Antiochus to Porphyry    
Damascius on Knowledge and its Object    
Porphyry: Introduction, Translated with an Introduction and Commentary by Jonathan Barnes, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2003    
Notes for Contributors