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ARCHÆVS. Studies in the History of Religions

Issue no.X (3) /2006


Romanian Assoc. for the History of Religions & Inst. for the History of Religions, Romanian Academy

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Between The Gospel And The Nation: Dumitru Stăniloae’s Ethno-Theology    
Translated Title: Between The Gospel And The Nation: Dumitru Stăniloae’s Ethno-Theology
Publication: ARCHAEUS. Studies in the History of Religions (X (3)/2006)
Author Name: Neamţu, Mihail;
Language: English
Subject: Theology / Religion
Issue: X (3)/2006
Page Range: 9-46
No. of Pages: 38
File size: 293 KB
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Summary: Cultural Wars in Great Romania. An Unsettled Youth. “Political” versus “Mystical” Theology. The Imprisonment. After Liberation. Struggle and Triumph. The Later Years. Bucolic Nostalgia. Trauma of Secularisation. The National Ideal and the Orthodox Ecclesiology. Narcissism in Historiography.
Keywords: semanatorism; Gandirea; Criterion; Religious Nationalism: Three Authors and an Argument; the "nation" as "spiritual reality"; Nae Ionescu; Nichifor Crainic; Theology and nationalism in Romania; Orthodox Church; orthodoxy;
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Kant’s View of the Church. An Intellectual Missionary,Yet an Impoverished Ecclesiology    
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