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Issue no.03 /2009


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The Inequality of Participation: Re-examining the Role of Social Stratification and Post-Communism on Political Participation in Europe    
The Conditions of Parenthood in Organisations: An International Comparison    
Internationalisation of the State in the Czech Republic: Igniting the Competition for Foreign Investment in the Visegrád Four Region    
Translated Title: Internationalisation of the State in the Czech Republic: Igniting the Competition for Foreign Investment in the Visegrád Four Region
Publication: Czech Sociological Review (03/2009)
Author Name: Drahokoupil, Jan;
Language: English
Subject: Sociology / Social Sciences
Issue: 03/2009
Page Range: 549-570
No. of Pages: 20
File size: 129 KB
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Summary: This article focuses on a key episode in the Czech political-economic history of the 1990s, the abandonment of ‘Czech capitalism’, and the switch towards the competition state and an economic model based on foreign investment. The account of the U-turn in the policy approach to foreign investors identifies domestic actors that have had a crucial role in organising political support for the competition state. These actors, which the author calls the ‘comprador’ service sector, have an important role in mediating the structural power of transnational investors and translating it into other forms of power within the state. These actors also had a major role in shaping the U-turn in policy in the Czech Republic.
Keywords: economic policy; state; class; foreign direct investment; Czech Republic
Reversing the Wave: The Perverse Effects of Economic Liberalism on Human Rights    
Right-wing Extremism and No-go-areas in Germany    
BOOK REVIEW: János Kornai: From Socialism to Capitalism    
BOOK REVIEW: Stephan Haggard – Robert Kaufman: Development, Democracy, and Welfare States: Latin America, East Asia, and Eastern Europe    
BOOK REVIEW: Asghar Zaidi: The Well-Being of Older People in Ageing Societies    
BOOK REVIEW: David Rueda: Social Democracy Inside Out. Partisanship and Labor Market Policy in Industrialized Democracies    
BOOK REVIEW: A.B. Atkinson: The Changing Distribution of Earnings in OECD Countries    
BOOK REVIEW: Scott Gehlbach: Representation through Taxation. Revenue, Politics and Development in Postcommunist States    
BOOK REVIEW: Agnes Batory: The Politics of EU Accession Ideology, Party Strategy and the European Question in Hungary    
BOOK REVIEW: Elaine Weiner: Market Dreams: Gender, Class and Capitalism in the Czech Republic    
BOOK REVIEW: Kevin Deegan-Krause: Elected Affinities: Democracy and Party Competition in Slovakia and the Czech Republic    
BOOK REVIEW: Holger Kolb – Henrik Egbert (eds.): Migrants and Markets. Perspectives from Economics and the Other Social Sciences