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Judaica Bohemiae

Issue no.39 /2003


Zidovské muzeum v Praze

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Self-Government of Jewish Communities in Nobility-Owned Towns in the Second Half of the Seventeenth and Beginning of the Eighteenth Centuries – Roudni    
The Jew Joachim Cantor and Chlumec Domain of Count Kinský in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century    
Prague Jews and Judah Hasid. A Study on the Social, Political and Religious History of the Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries - part 2    
The Censorship of Hebrew Manuscripts in Vienna in the Early 19th Century: The Case of Abraham Trebitsch    
Die Juden im ersten Erhaltenen Mährischen Kataster – Lahnregister    
Translated Title: The Jews in the First Kept Moravia Land Register
Publication: Judaica Bohemiae (39/2003)
Author Name: Kocman, Pavel;
Language: German
Subject: Judaic Studies
Issue: 39/2003
Page Range: 104-192
No. of Pages: 89
File size: 334 KB
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The Jewish Museum in Prague – 2003 Annual Report    
Projekt “Bohemia, Moravia et Silesia Judaica” Konzeption – Ziele – Ergebnisse, 1999-2003    
Professor Vladimír Sadek: Bibliography of Works