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Issue no.190 /2008


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Gyula Krúdy’s Visions of Unexpected Death    
Last Cigar at the Gray Arabian (Short story)    
The Journalist and Death    
Rise Up and Walk!    
Song on the Death of King Matthias    
King Matthias and the Medieval Hungarian State    
A Lasting Legacy. Renaissance Art in Hungary (15th–17th Centuries)    
The Renaissance - Four Times Over. Exhibitions Commemorating Matthias’s Accession to the Throne    
Translated Title: The Renaissance - Four Times Over. Exhibitions Commemorating Matthias’s Accession to the Throne
Publication: The Hungarian Quarterly (190/2008)
Author Name: Kerny, Terézia;
Language: English
Subject: History
Issue: 190/2008
Page Range: 79-90
No. of Pages: 12
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Summary: The three Hunyadis, John Hunyadi and his sons László and Matthias, rose from the anonymous lesser nobility to become the most significant political figures of Hungary in the second half of the 15th century. The past two years have abounded in anniversaries connected to their lives. June 6, 2006 was 560 years to the day that the Diet meeting in Pest elected John Hunyadi, Voivode of Transylvania, to act as regent for the boy king Ladislas V (1440–1457).
On July 22, 1456, John Hunyadi won a decisive victory at Belgrade over the armies of Sultan Mehmed II. Hunyadi’s feat—carried out with a small standing army combined with peasants rallied to fight the infidel by the Franciscan friar St John of Capistrano— had the effect of putting an end to Ottoman attempts on Hungary and Western Europe for the next seventy years, and is considered to have been one of the most momentous victories in Hungarian military history. The bells ringing at noon throughout Christendom are, to this day, a daily commemoration of John Hunyadi’s victory. The year 2006 saw historians observe the 550th anniversary of that event as well with an international conference and an exhibition.
Keywords: John Hunyadi and his sons László and Matthias; victory at Belgrade; Sultan Mehmed II
Doom and Gloom    
Putting the Manuscript in the Lap of God    
The Ancient Well (Excerpt from a memoir)    
The World As We Knew It. Recollections of Peasant Life During the War    
Liszt’s Life after Death. An Interview with Alan Walker    
Homing In    
The Magical Gone Wrong    
A City Telling Its Own Story    
The Stuff of Memory    
Between the Ottoman Hammer and the Hungarian Anvil    
Blood, Myth, Metaphysics    
Alive, Alive-Oh