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Yearbook of Polish Foreign Policy

Issue no.01 /2006


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Contents - Yearbook of Polish Foreign Policy 2006    
Editor’s Note    
Government Information on the Polish Foreign Policy in 2005    
The Uncertain World of 2005    
Poland in the European Union    
Major Aspects of Poland’s Security Policy    
Poland’s Relations with the United States    
Poland’s Relations with Germany    
Poland’s Relations with France    
Poland’s Relations with Russia    
Poland’s Relations with Ukraine    
Poland’s Relations with the State of Israel    
Translated Title: Poland’s Relations with the State of Israel
Publication: Yearbook of Polish Foreign Policy (English Edition) (01/2006)
Author Name: Bojko, Krzysztof;
Language: English
Subject: Politics / Policy Studies
Issue: 01/2006
Page Range: 146-155
No. of Pages: 10
File size: 70 KB
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Summary: Breaking off the relations with Israel by the People’s Republic of Poland after the Six-Day War of 1967 and the ensuing nearly twenty-year-long absence of the Polish diplomatic mission in Tel Aviv had a very adverse effect both on Polish-Israeli and Polish-Jewish relations in the following years. The establishment of the Interest Section of the People’s Republic of Poland in Tel Aviv in 1986 and the restoration of diplomatic ties at embassy level in 1990 admittedly led to the normalization of bilateral relations, but could not bring about a breakthrough that would be manifested, for example, by a quick improvement of Poland’s and Poles’ image in Israel. Throughout the 1990s, the majority of Israelis […]“
Keywords: responsibility of some Polish citizens for the Holocaust; anti-Semitism in Poland; John Paul II; Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs - Władysław Bartoszewski; Israeli President Moshe Katsav; Holocaust Education Remembrance and Research;
Poland’s Relations with Asia-Pacific Countries    
Poland’s Regional Policy    
Poland in the United Nations    
Poland’s Involvement in Stabilisation in Iraq    
Poland’s Economic Relations with Other States    
Historical Issues in Polish Foreign Policy in 2005    
Poland and the Conflict over the Union of Poles in Belarus    
From Public Diplomacy to a Brand for Poland    
A Review of Polish Foreign Policy in 2005    
Chronicle of Poland’s Foreign Relations in 2005