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Issue no.02/08 /2005


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Poland: Living with Auschwitz    
Books: Revolt of the Middle Masses    
Bulgaria: The Schools that Aren’t Schools    
The BTC Pipeline: Botched, Tardy, and Chilling    
Tymoshenko: Firebrand of Choice    
Georgia: Death of a Prime Minister    
Boris Berezovsky: Stirring Troubled Waters    
Croatia-EU Relations: Arrest First, Talk Later    
Serbia: Where Explosive News Doesn’t Explode    
Macedonia: Everyone Running    
Serbia: Gossip, Lies, or Truth?    
Poland: Wildstein's List    
Translated Title: Poland: Wildstein's List
Publication: Transitions Online (02/08/2005)
Author Name: Kosc, Wojciech;
Language: English
Subject: Political Digest
Issue: 02/08/2005
Page Range:
No. of Pages: 4
File size: 32 KB
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Summary: A legal and ethical dilemma that haunts post-communist states rears its head again in Poland--with political overtones.
Keywords: secret service employees; Institute of National Remembrance; secret services; Bronislaw Wildstein; Rzeczpospolita; Tadeusz Mazowiecki; Law and Justice Party; Aleksander Kwasniewski; Gazeta Wyborcza; Lech Walesa