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Issue no.40 /2004


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Content Judaica Bohemiae XL/2004    
Jews in Eastern Bohemia from the End of the Thirty-Years- War to the End of the Eighteenth Century    
The Second Part of the Chronicle “The Events of Times” (“Qorot Ha-Ittim”) by Abraham Trebitsch of Mikulov (Nikolsburg).    
Translated Title: The Second Part of the Chronicle “The Events of Times” (“Qorot Ha-Ittim”) by Abraham Trebitsch of Mikulov (Nikolsburg).
Publication: Judaica Bohemiae (40/2004)
Author Name: Cermanová, Iveta;
Language: English
Subject: Judaic Studies
Issue: 40/2004
Page Range: 22-60
No. of Pages: 39
File size: 1076 KB
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Summary: A Contribution to the Research of 19th-Century Jewish Historiography. The following treatise is a re-worked version of the introductory part of a PhD. thesis by the same name elaborated under the guidance of Associate Professor PhDr. Jiřina Šedinová, CSc., at the Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies attached to the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. The PhD. thesis comprises an annotated edition of the complete Hebrew text of the second part of Trebitsch’s chronicle, including abstracts, an introductory study, historical commentaries, indexes, and a dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations.
Keywords: Moshe Abraham Trebitsch; The Manuscript’s State of Preservation; Trebitsch’s Perception of the Events of the Period within the Context of Contemporary Historiography; Jewish historiography;
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