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Issue no.02 /2005


Żydowski Instytut Historyczny

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Kuratorium Opieki nad Zabytkami Sztuki Żydowskiej przy Żydowskiej Gminie Wyznaniowej we Lwowie    
W sprawie okoliczności śmierci profesora Maurycego Allerhanda    
Translated Title: The circumstances of Professor Maurycy Allerhand’s death
Publication: Jewish History Quarterly (02/2005)
Author Name: Redzik, Adam;
Language: Polish
Subject: History
Issue: 02/2005
Page Range: 174-183
No. of Pages: 10
File size: 48 KB
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Summary: Among the thousands of victims of Lvov’s holocaust was the famous Polish lawyer, professor of Lvov University Maurycy Allerhand. He was assimilated into the Polish society, however, he was an active member of the Jewish community. Since Hitler’s invasion of Lvov, the Professor began to write down his observations, which were saved by Professor Stefan Stasiak. In his diary, Allerhand described pogroms staged by Germans and Ukrainians, wrote about moving to the ghetto. He also wrote about the organization and activity of the Judenrat and about legal problems. The notes end in February 1942. We know that the Professor was alive in August 1942 with his family in the ghetto. In August his son, daughter in law and grandson Leszek escaped from the ghetto. Professor Allerhand with his wife and grandson Józef stayed inside the walls. Their further fate is not documented in written sources. Professor Allerhand’s disciple, Karol Koranyi, wrote after the war, making a reference to an unidentified eyewitness, who survived the Janowska Concentration Camp in Lvov, that Professor Allerhand was moved in August 1942 to the camp and was killed there by Ukrainian policemen.
Keywords: Maurycy Allerhand; Nazi Occupation in Lvov; Lvov Ghetto; Janowska Camp
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