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Issue no.22 /2008



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Knowledge of Language Redux    
Epistemic Heresies: Reply to John Collins’ Redux    
What Remains of Our Knowledge of Language? Reply to Collins    
Translated Title: What Remains of Our Knowledge of Language? Reply to Collins
Publication: Croatian Journal of Philosophy (22/2008)
Author Name: Smith, Barry C.;
Language: English
Subject: Philosophy
Issue: 22/2008
Page Range: 57-76
No. of Pages: 1
File size: 130 KB
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Summary: The new Chomskian orthodoxy denies that our linguistic competence gives us knowledge of a language, and that the representations in the language faculty are representations of anything. In reply, I have argued that through their intuitions speaker/hearers, (but not their language faculties) have knowledge of language, though not of any externally existing language. In order to count as knowledge, these intuitions must track linguistic facts represented in the language faculty. I defend this idea against the objections Collins has raised to such an account.
Keywords: knowledge of language; representations of language; language faculty; intuitions; linguistic self-knowledge
The Internal and the External in Linguistic Explanation    
Boghossian and Epistemic Analyticity    
Feeling in Private: Rationality of Emotions and Social Conditioning    
Aspects of Personal Identity Under a Magnifying Glass    
The Way Things Are    
Jennifer Lackey & Ernest Sosa (eds.), The Epistemology of Testimony    
Jason Stanley, Knowledge and Practical Interests